Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Fish Films in the Fridge and Gunn-Ho - the story of Ben Gunn, fisherman & artist at Newlyn Filmhouse

Newlyn Filmhouse has once again sponsored the 'Fish Films in the Fridge' at this year's festival.  It would be easy to put on a show running for 24 hours with all the films we have collected - instead, a rolling show of the best bits from each film have been selected and will play in a continuous loop - some excerpts will be longer than others as they have never been seen in public before!

In particular, look out for crabbing on the Amadeus in Storm Force 10,  tuna fishing on the Wendy Pulfrey, sardine fishing in Mount's Bay, Line and Pole fishing for tuna in 1965,  Crawfish netting off the Scillys in 1975 and a real bit of history - Longlining on the Scarlet Thread in 1978. A big thanks to fishermen like Robert George and Mike Williams for their contributions!

Running during the Fish Festival, a special showing of Ben Gunn's biopic, Gunn-Ho.

Former fisherman, Ben Gunn, is a well known and much loved artist from Newlyn, Cornwall. Having spent his life at sea, his favourite subject to paint is the ocean, with Ben capturing its ever changing beauty on canvas over many years.
Gunn-Ho is the name of Ben's studio and his story, told by Wander.

Showing times for Gunn-Ho:

  • Saturday noon and 3pm 
  • Sunday 3.15pm 
  • Fil Festival Bank Holiday Monday noon and 3pm