Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Don't miss this opportunity to livestream with Newfoundland's IMC Conference in Newfoundland!

An open invitation to all fishermen and others involved in the industry from IMCC in Newfoundland

The broadcast should start around 1830 Thursday evening (UK time) .

Join Maria Campbell Plymouth University, Edd Hind Manchester Metropolitan University, Laurence Hartwell Truro & Penwith College, Richard Lilley Cardiff University and Katrina Borrow Mindfully Wired Communications at the International Marine Conservation Congress in St Johns on Thursday 4th August at 630 pm for a live stream of this facilitated discussion using Bambuser

We piloted this tech at the finale of the Gap2 Project, and a conference that was capped at 120 attendees, reached over 400. Laurence set up a dedicated station in one of the UK's largest fishing ports, Newlyn, and fishermen could join in on whatever aspect of the meeting they wanted to be part of, and thus contribute to the conference.

How can we make marine science matter if we do not allow all stakeholders/actors to be present in this dialogue? We must be better at using technology that facilitates stakeholder engagement and enables co-ownership: Critical if we are to encourage active participation in marine conservation and to support evidence based decision making.