Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The fishing news - straight from the deck of the Girl Pamela.

Warning. . This post is about seals and contains a video of dead fish. If you're interested then please read the whole text before watching the video. 

"So here we go again. . . As a fisherman I'm sure I speak for all of us, we just do what we do to try to make a living. We are a breed of sea-going men and we love/respect all sea-life, we are not murderous horrible monsters. . . . . 
So before you 'Tree hugging eco warriors' go slating us for having a grievance over the seal population issue please let me put you all straight on something, I know your argument will be "awww, it's the seals territory and they've got to eat. . . .
Ok, yes they have and we do share the ocean with them and honestly we are more than happy to let them take a fish, or two fish or half a dozen fish from our nets to feed themselves. That really isn't a problem. But, to just go through a catch biting out the liver of each fish and damaging it beyond salable status then move on to the next one rendering our catch valueless? 
My whole issue with the Seal Sanctuary is that they are rescuing seals which were destined to die, it's natural selection, it's as old as life itself, but now we're interfering with nature and playing God to these animals. We are 'mending' something that wasn't meant to make it and sending it back out to sea and thus over-populating. 
We are using the same amount of fishing gear each year and catching the same amount of fish (natures sustainability) but we are seeing more and more seals and sustaining more and more damage as a direct result. If it was farmers sustaining losses of this kind then I'm sure they would be subsidised by the government but fishermen? No, it's just our loss.
I stress again that as fishermen we actually admire these clever and articulate creatures, but just have a look at the video below of our last catch and you may get some idea what we're up against,
This sort of carnage never used to be so bad as it is now. . . . Please feel free to share this post with anyone that may be remotely interested ie. Seal Sanctuary, MMO, Greenpeace, Whomever.
Incidentally, this post refers to our recent loss of earnings whilst targeting pollock, the boats that catch monkfish and encounter 'Mr Cutie-wutie' seal have sustained far far greater losses due to the high value of Monkfish. I expect a backlash of negative comments from seal lovers and 'keyboard warriors' through this post but hey-ho, the truth hurts 'n all that. I have plenty to say on this subject but won't react to negative comments.
Enjoy the film peeps. Also, may I add that I am a member of The Marine Conservation Society, just exercising my right to free speech. . . . and hopefully raising some awareness."

Johnny Townmouse, Newlyn.