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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Missing Belgian fishing vessel wreck located

The missing Belgian fishing vessel, which lost comms in the channel last week (Wed 28th January), was located today by a survey vessel. The Dutch authorities have sent a Royal Netherlands Navy warship the ‘HNLMS Luymes’ to the fishing vessel wreck location. On board the warship is a diving team and a Dutch police officer, which is standard procedure for missing people. Two officers from the Belgian shipping inspection, which is in charge of the investigation, are also on-board the warship. HNLMS Luymes is expected to arrive on scene tomorrow morning.

The Belgian fishing vessel that went missing last week with the loss of four lives was located off the Hastings coast by survey vessel.  HNLMS Luymes has arrived over the position...

 of the wreck today...

and is reported to be using ROV devices to survey.