Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Great news! @Anyfinisposs ible!

Anyfin is Possible is a project funded by the Students' Green Unit at the University of Exeter Students' Guild. Their aims are to promote the eating of a wider variety of fish species instead of the usual five (haddock, prawns, cod, salmon and tuna) to decrease the pressure on these threatened species.

The students find both fishermen and scientists in optimistic and positive mood about the future - as Brixham's Barry Young opines on sustainability, "A skipper who has invested a million pounds in his boat wants to see a future from fishing"

The students have commissioned a series of short films to record their findings.

A brief taster into the impact of overfishing on the marine environment with emphasis on by-catch. If we can eat a wider variety of fish, we can help to reduce the pressure on commercially exploited stocks.

Anyfin is Possible interview with Dr Steve Simpson, senior lecturer in marine biology at the University of Exeter. Watch to find out more about the science surrounding overfishing and what we can do to help!

Part 2 from the Brixham Fish Market series. Hear Barry Young's view on sustainability!

Barry Young talking about which fish he believes are up and coming. Thank you to Brixham Fish Market for letting us film! We had a great time soaking up the atmosphere at the fish market.

Check out the latest news from them and their work - the team can be found on Twitter as @anyfinisposs and Facebook.