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Friday, 12 December 2014

International Fisheries movements - a presentation from France.

My French is not so good! - It would be good to have a translation of this conference from the University of Nantes.

Google translation of the intro.
"This presentation, based on geography doctoral thesis (defended at the University of Nantes in 2011), offers a critical look at an international own resistance movement to the fisheries sector.
Apprehended as one of the constituent components of the anti-globalization movement, this transnational protest movement of artisanal fishermen and fish workers (Fishworkers) is studied in several aspects: - the system of incumbents : this is to briefly present a typology of the multitude of actors who made ​​this resistance movement - the strategies implemented: the second part deals with the comments made ​​speeches, mobilized ideologies as well as modes shares used by militants; - historical dynamics crossings: that is, the main steps in the (short) existence of the artisanal fisheries dispute over the last thirty years. 
We conclude this presentation on current issues, perspectives and courses of action which is now facing the fishing alterglobalisation."