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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cornish Summer Sardines courtesy of Nathan Outlaw's new book, Fish Kitchen

Soused Sardines and Mustard

Take six fresh Cornish Sardines...

butterfly fillet them...fry them gently for a few minutes until golden...

pickle some finely shredded white cabbage with cider vinegar for an hour after gently frying the cabbage, garlic and onion - don't overheat! - then use to cover the cooked fish to serve...

make a simple salad cream with cream, egg yolks, garlic, whole grain mustard and lemon zest...

whisk in the veg oil slowly to begin with as you would a mayonnaise and serve alongside the fish.

Nathan's superb collection of fish recipes is just what you would expect from the Uk's only Michelin 2 star Fish restaurant - check out your copy here.