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Friday, 11 April 2014

Scallop differences to be settled at an historic meeting of minds in Brixham later this month

Here are the details of an important meeting taking place

How can tensions between nationalities be resolved? How can the fishery best be managed to achieve long-term sustainability? And what are the necessary next steps?

One thing’s for sure: collaboration is key.

GAP2 is delighted to be hosting this workshop – the FIRST EVER facilitated discussion between French and UK fishers with a view to developing a regional management plan – with support from the North-Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC), WWF and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).


WHERE? The Berry Head Hotel, Brixham, Devon – UK!

WHEN? 14th – 16th April, 2014

AIMS? the project is to 

  • To bring together participants representing a range of interests and professions linked to the Channel scallop fisheries and fisheries management
  • To share experiences in achieving sustainability and profitability through improved fisheries management  
  • To explore the benefits of achieving a regional management plan through co-managed and participatory approaches 
  • To take the first steps in designing a ‘tool kit’ of management/implementing measures for the Channel fisheries

Translation services will be provided throughout the event 
You can see a current delegate list for the event here.

And the current agenda here.

Want to know more about the fishery? Why not read Giles’ blog for GAP2 ‘War and Peace: Sustainable Scallops in the Channel’?

For further information please contact Giles Bartlett, Marine Projects Manager, WWF: gbartlett@wwf.org.uk

And remember to look out for #GAP2 scallops on twitter!