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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Petition Cornwall Council - Save Newlyn Green & Penzance Promenade

This area is very precious to the people of Newlyn and Penzance. The people of this area are very resilliant, but we now see the area fenced off with no restoration work under way.

This damage is the worst the people have seen for many years. It's sad and upsetting to see Newlyn Green left like this. Numerous plans and ideas have been thrown around, such as tarmacking the whole area for a car park, constructing a breakwater in the bay and so on.

The people of Newlyn and Penzance just want to see something done, sooner rather than later. Tourism is important for Penzance and Newlyn, the last thing visitors are going to want to see is the path fenced off left to rot.

Too often is this area forgotten, this needs to be a priority for Cornwall Council. We've seen the train line at Dawlish reinstated in record time, so it can be done. The storms have devastated our seafront, the people of Penzance and Newlyn want it back.