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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Living it up at night - what do langoustine get up to?

Perhaps some prawn fishermen - are you about ? - might want to comment on the observations on langoustine activity made below - latest post from the Cefas Endeavour as she ends her latest JNCC research trip in the North Sea.

Farewell Fladen

The last phase of the survey up at the Fladen Grounds has been focussed on collecting evidence for Scottish Government to better understand feature condition across a surface abrasion pressure gradient, particularly looking at seapen and burrowing megafaunal communities.  One element of this burrowing megafaunal community is the Norway Lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) or langoustine as you may be more familiar with. Nephrops are typically nocturnal, so the night shift have had more luck spotting them then the day shift, as they emerge from the burrows to hunt and scavenge. They feed on other crustaceans, worms or even fish. Their main predator is the cod (Gadus morhua).
 A Nephrops caught in the 'headlights' of the camera sledge (JNCC/Cefas)
Nephrops emerging from its burrow (JNCC/Cefas)

Extract from the JNCC Offshore Survey blog.