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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Off Vigo - Baltic Breeze Car Carrier Runs Over Fishing Vessel, At Least 3 Dead

The AIS track of the car carrier Baltic Breeze and the possible point of collision highlighted with the fishing vessel Mar de Marin - courtesy of VesselTracker

Dives at the wreck impossible due to adverse weather:

Adverse weather made it impossible for the divers of Maritimo Salvamento and the Civil Guard to descend to the "Mar de Marin" which was located in a depth of 57 meters about 1.4 miles southeast of the island of Boeiro, south of the Cies. The Guardia Civil and two technicians from the University of Vigoon board the "Salvamar Mirach" searched the wrecksite with the help of sonar for the still missing sailors Manuel Domínguez Mallo, a resident of Marin, and Alexander Keita, a native of Ghana. A helicopter of the National Police, the "Pisca 1", the "Maria Pita" and the tug "Ria de Vigo" continued the search on the water and troops of the Civil Guard on the shore near Cape Home. Two of the three dead sailors were Galician and the third was of Moroccan nationality: Alejandro Garcia Castro, who was on the bridge at the time of the collision; Hassan Boudra, first mechanic, a Moroccan national, and Carlos Santos Villar, a greaser from Cangas. The survivors were the Skipper Francisco Javier Pazos Sanjorge; Gonzalo Santiago Torres, Juan Ramón Santiago Torres, Gumersindo Marques Aria and a biologist of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography who had embarked as an observer. (20 min ago, by Timsen )