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Monday, 10 March 2014

The Curious Case of Seafood Sabotage | Raymond Blanc, MSC Food Investigator

A concerned chef hires investigator Raymond Blanc to investigate why all his customers are suddenly going to a rival restaurant. Raymond mystery shops both restaurants and uncovers the truth right under his nose!

Leading chef Raymond Blanc has been transformed into a cartoon character to help encourage more fish and chip shops to serve MSC certified seafood.

The Chef Patron of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons has teamed up with the MSC to create the three minute film called Seafood Sabotage in which he goes undercover to find out why customers are deserting one restaurant in favour of a rival.

After much detective work, the super-sleuth recognises the MSC label on the menu at fish and chip restaurant ‘In Cod we Trust’ and explains to his client that people will only buy what they trust.

Raymond Blanc explained his motivation for the series: “Fish sustainability has always been integral to my businesses. Each aspect of what we do is driven by ethical, environmental, seasonal and regional values, whenever possible. What may not have been achievable yesterday is often achievable today; as a chef and a consumer I work in partnership with the fishmonger and with food producers exchanging knowledge.

“Sustainable fish is becoming part of what our diners expect, whether we are running a sit-down restaurant, a take-away or even a hotel. Our customers expect the same sustainable standards. I hope that this film will inspire my fellow chefs and restaurateurs to take the big step, to get MSC certified and prove they are sourcing sustainably.”

MSC certified fish and chip shops are being encouraged to show the short film instore to raise awareness among customers. In addition, shops will be receiving special MSC movie bill cards and posters, promoting the animated movie and inspiring more restaurateurs to become MSC certified.

Seafood Sabotage is one of three films created by the MSC and featuring Raymond Blanc – the other two being The Fish in the Canteen and The Fish out of Water.