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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

There's still Cod and Coley swimming in the North Sea! - from an ROV #eatmorefish #underfishing

Cod swimming in the North Sea. This video was taken from an ROV (Remotely Operated vehicle) working in the North Sea somewhere between Scotland and Norway. The sea bed depth is around 135m, The ROV is at 120m below sea level. Interestingly, although the ROV is looking straight ahead, the Cod seem to orient themselves so the top of their bodies is towards the light and their bellies away from it, so it appears that the camera is looking down. Some of the Cod have discolouration on their backs - this is from where they have rubbed themselves in the mud on the sea bed. The video was taken during a subsea construction job from a saturation diving vessel. Published first in 2013.

Shoals of Coley seen on the Seabed near to Subsea Oil Structures in the Northern North Sea. Proof there are still fish in the North Sea!!! Shot in 2013.