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Saturday, 15 February 2014

ITN covered the plight of the Cornish and Newlyn fishermen and help launch the Mission's appeal for financial and other support

Back in Newlyn the mission to seafarers is a welcome retreat for those stuck ashore. Always on standby, they can't claim benefits, or commit easily to other jobs.

Most welcome then, is its fundraising appeal for those struggling financially. Already Seafarers UK has given a £50,000 donation.

"The appeal will really give us the financial where with all to really make a difference in people's lives, to deliver that support to the family or the individual and meet real needs, not theoretical things but things like mortgages, utility bills, rent areas."


The Mission is urging anyone in need to apply for a share.

In the meantime larger vessels load up optimistically with ice in hope of a gap in the weather. Many here will say that can't come soon enough.

You can watch our full report with Kathy Wardle below: