Sunday, 21 March 2021

Festival international de films - Lorient : Pêcheurs du Monde 2021.

Would be great to see the UK fishing industry get this kind of support from creative individuals and bodies.


With no clear horizon for a face-to-face festival in March, the team is mobilising for the 13th edition to happen. From March to September, the Pêcheurs du Monde film festival will regularly offer face-to-face and remote meetings. More than ever, it is important to revitalise cultural life. Through its new actions, the Festival will continue to nourish reflection on the oceans, on the links between man and nature and to defend a different point of view on fishing in the world.


• Face-to-face, in March / April, youth bridges: The festival maintains its cultural activities in schools with meetings and screenings in colleges, high schools and universities.

• Remotely, from March 22 to April 5: 21 films from the 2021 “Official Selection” will be shown on the KuB platform, the Breton web media, with the possibility of voting for the Audience Award >> Online on KuB, KulturBrittany 

• Face-to-face, from September 20 to 26, in Lorient and Pays de Lorient: this second itinerary will end with the Reflections of the 13th edition: stopovers in the Pays de Lorient, screenings of award-winning films, meetings with directors, etc.


Open as much to the local as to elsewhere, the Festival questions the future of the oceans and fishermen, the challenges of the 21st century to be taken up and proposes to exchange perspectives

39 films from 20 nationalities: Brittany Iran, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Germany ... 

Fishing and pollution, the grabbing of seas and the protection of resources, Brexit, the place of women in fishing are the guiding principles of this 2021 Official Selection. The Festival is also the sharing of cinematographic heritage. That of two sacred cinema monsters, Visconti and Orson Welles, but also that of Breton fishermen with “September 1930: tuna boats in the storm” by Alain Pichon.