Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Le Guilvinec: the great disillusionment

Breton fishermen - many of whom fish within sight of the South West coast fear the future in the present political turmoil that is sweeping the world:

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"At first sight, it is not the fishermen of Guilvinec (29) who fill the urns in this municipality. On the quays, one seems to have distanced itself from the political thing. Even though this fishing port has seen a lot of tenors left and right in recent months. Like a break. A great disillusionment.

Sarkozy, Macron, Valls, Le Drian, Urvoas, Rama Yade. The quays of Guilvinec have often been courted by politicians. Visits which, unfortunately, have not left much traces in the minds. "They come here to get a picture or be filmed. The sailors-fishermen, it is authentic and close to the people, "commented ironically Thierry, who is embarked on Bara Bihan, a trawler that Emmanuel Valls had visited last September. "What worries me is the payment of pensions. In three years, it's the keel. I hope to live with dignity afterwards. I will vote for sure. For whom, I do not know. I think in the end, I will draw lots ".

Not far from there, the patron of one of the 40 highwaymen who landed here launches: "The countryside? What campaign? We only talk about pots. It is deplorable. I too would have enjoyed a fictitious, well-paid job. Instead of risking my life off. This time I will vote for the worst. " Which ? We will not know.

Retired for Le Pen?

Would Guilvinist fishermen be angry with politics? "No," says Grégory Pennarun, the director of the auction. They are very attentive to what is happening in the UK with the Brexit. In this story, they know they can lose access to fishing areas. " The advance of populism, with its national withdrawal as a corollary, makes us fear many things here. "Seafarers know that only Europe can guarantee them international access to the resource. Even if the regulations are binding. Today, the profession asks only one thing: a management of quotas at five years, for better readability.

At the local bar, not far from the fishwork shops, it is said that the retirees will put a stroke right on the right. "With them, the Republican Right and the Left have pimples to make themselves. We hear everything here, "says the boss.

Should it be inferred that the assets working at sea or in the port area would be less tempted by the FN? The ballot will say so. In any case, facing us, not a single voice has risen in favor of Marine Le Pen.

"Surely at sea on voting day"

Under the morning sun, Jean-Valéry Le Drezen installs, on board a trawler, spotlights to illuminate the back beach. "I settled on my account as a marine electrician a year ago. I have come to such a level of activity that I sometimes refuse new projects. And, at the same time, I can not hire. The loads are too heavy. We really have to put the self-governing regime that strangles us down. " He will go and vote, that's for sure.

The Sergagil, a boxer, is about to leave for a new campaign. The box cases are aligned on the platform. On board this boat, Morgan, Mickaël and Alexis, three young sailors. "We will surely be at sea on the day of the vote," said Morgan. I will establish a power of attorney on behalf of my parents. Generally, they vote to the left. They will do whatever they want. I fully trust them. " Morgan is optimistic about his profession. "There are more and more young people to embark. It's good. The future is clearer than before. "

"No one listens to us"

Mickael, the oldest of the three, said he had only voted once. "To show my daughter how it works." On April 23 and May 7, he will abstain. Why ? "Always a lack of confidence in the policies". In his office, Soizic Palmer Le Gall, who firmly holds the Bigouden fleet (eleven boats, a hundred employees including 79 sailors), is disillusioned.

"We are very small on the scale of the global economy. Nobody listens to us and does not take our grievances into account. The state is far from us. What I am asking, and I do not like to beg, are helpers for young people who want to invest in a boat. Not alms. But a device that encourages the renewal of the fleet ".

The patroness of the armament said to have started to vote late, after 35 years. "I'll go again this time." And I will vote according to my deep convictions. Even if the level of debate is very low. And that business falls in cascade. For me, the media have a share of responsibility in this.

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