Saturday, 3 December 2016

Brexit - Updated response from fishermen north and south of the border.

While the future of fishing UK is still the subject of pure conjecture here are some recent responses from fishermen north and south of the border set against historical commentary from 1981.

Sarah Mack from BBC Scotland's Landward programme talks Brexit aboard the prawn trawler Amity with skipper Jimmy Buchan....

Followed up by some recent interviews in Brixham from CBS News...

contrasted with the mood in this 1981 Thames Televison TV Eye report on alleged violation of EEC fishing regulations by Dutch fishermen, taking over their quota of fish and selling them on the black market (hence the term"black fish") and in Britain, an interview with the then, Minister For Agriculture, Peter Walker MP

Responding to the question, "How important is the 12 mile limit?", Peter Walker Conservative MP and, at the time, Ministry of Agriculure, Fisherieds and Food;

"Of course it's important, that's why negotiations broke down last time...because that's what the French were demanding on access was unacceptable"

"so you wouldn't agree to a deal that meant a six mile limit with some extensions out to 12 miles?"

"No, of course not"