Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

One dog too many

A dogfish in every mesh - in this part of the world dogfish (as in spurdog) are one of the few fish that will get stuck - enmeshed - in a trawl to such an extent that the trawl cannot be hauled aboard the normal way. All other fish can be taken aboard a codend full at a time as other fish just slide along the stocking of the net. In this instance, the Imogen II has filled her trawl and had to tow over the stern all the in until the Danmar was able to take over and a diver sent down to help sort out the net before being brought into the harbour and alongside the quay...

where a hire crane was used to lift out the trawl, dogs and all.  Normally a haul of this size would be cause for celebration...

A big thank you to Johnny Townmouse for the loan of the pics! 
 - but in this case it is only cost and commiseration as dogfish are a nil-quota species and therefore cannot be landed! One of the dogs was tagged from 2007.