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Monday, 8 September 2014

Long live the street food revolution! #eatmorefish

Made in collaboration with the community. We're bringing good food back into the city. Over the last four months @SWFishUK has been involved in Exeter Street Food - There is such a good vibe and bunch of stall owners that we came together to make this video to help get the streetfood revolution out to the people of exeter.
- Story board, filming and editing by SWFish.
- Script written by Two Coast County and SWFish.
- Location and stalls coordinated by Exeter Street Food.
We'd like to thank all friends, stall owners and our customers for taking part in this video because together we are stronger - bringing good food back to the city.
Special thanks to Lissi Dancefloor Disaster for use of their song "Oh My God" we're all connected and all believers of creative commons for artistic copyright.

Keep following the cat @ lissi.cat/
And Ben Pascoe @ learningsurfphotography.com/ for use of footage.