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Friday, 12 September 2014

Crabbing in style aboard the Amadeus

The first part of the video follows a huge Dutch beam trawler in the process of hauling and shooting her gear in a near gale filmed from the wheelhouse of the Amadeus. Then the action returns to the crabber and time to exchange a few quiet words with skipper Jamie McDade. Here the camera takes the viewer on a guided tour of the wheelhouse and a bird'e eye view of the man on the hauler in action before heading off down below the the shelterdeck to see the crew cleaning and baiting just some of the boat's 1,500 inkwell pots during a spell of fine weather. Later the action switches to night time fishing by nwhich time the weather has deteriorated badly and the boys are having to haul the gear on a heaving deck in a gale of wind. Flying aboard, a wet pot full of crab can weigh 50-60 lbs or more - these boys make the job of picking the pots up over the side of the boat on to the sorting table look so easy - it isn't.

Amadeus is one of two potting vessels owned by Trevor Bartlet based in Dartmouth, Devon. She is one of the biggest crab fishing vessels in the UK.

The boat is currently working off the Danish coast - a long way from her home registered port of Teignmouth.
Bigger crabbers like the Amadeus are fairly nomadic and travel the watersaround the UK working a wide range of crabbing grounds in search of brown crab. They are among the highest days-at-sea boats in the UK fleet as they can fish in almost any weather - and do.