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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Another French trawler detained for technical net infringement

It seems it is not only the visiting French trawlers falling foul of the law with their nets this week - in another incident the Roxy was escorted in to port by a French fisheries patrol - though not before the rest of the fleet took action and protested over a technical infringement sounding similar to the case with the Alphaver - maybe the same trawl manufacturers is involved? 

Translated for the article in Le Telegramme:

Roxy trawler Guilvinec was controlled by customs yesterday, 15 miles offshore. The size of some of its trawl mesh was considered less than legal size. "A normal effect with the effort," says the skipper.

Fish landing took place earlier than expected yesterday afternoon at Guilvinec. A big twenty trawlers returned to port to 15 h 30, in solidarity with the Roxy, controlled by the Customs boat a few hours earlier. Control to 15 miles off the coast that goes wrong in all skippers. "They sought to criticize laments Kevin Coïc, owner of Roxy. They were allowed to board when another boat had refused, they checked the papers, lobsters, codend ... Everything was in order. Then they measured the square mesh panel, and felt that the size was below the legal size. "Customs then wanted to enter the fishery. They relented seeing all trawlers present in the area begin to circle the Roxy to force to stay on board.

"It's not even an error on our part"

"The mesh knots move and become rectangles, this is normal with the effort. It was enough to pull up to the back properly ... It's not even an error on our part. "A plausible version Fanny Faure, head of the Department of Maritime Affairs Guilvinec. "It may happen that the mesh hardens with sediment accumulation. Here, we must ensure that it is wear and not an offense. "Once in port, Kevin Coïc made ​​new measures, consistent, these, regulation, a new part to support. "There ras-le-bol! Every day we are at sea, we are not criminals. It gets up early every morning, it is in port every night ... Why do not they come to check us when we land? At least we would not lose our time, not our money! "Says Nicolas Le Berre, sailor on the Roxy. Last night, Kevin Coïc had not yet received the minutes of apprehension. He faces up to € 1,500 administrative penalty and penalty points on his license fishing master. In the meantime, he was forced to remove and change the panel square of its trawl power returning to sea this morning meshes.