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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

When it comes to this - "Launch the fishing vessel Ruthie B" - there's no EU funding for this skipper owner

Bill's video tells the full story - a man passionate about fish, fishing and the fishing community he serves.

Kickstarter is most often used to put money into something completely new like publicly sourced venture capital for a project or business start-up. In this instance the skipper of the Ruthie B, the last groundfish trawler of its kind fishing from Nantucket is doing so to stay in business!

Here's the full story:

Help to re-launch the F/V Ruthie B so Bill can develop the Community Supported Fishery and provide more fresh, local seafood to Nantucket.

"The F/V Ruthie B and I have been supplying fresh seafood to fish markets, restaurants, and individuals on Nantucket for over 35 years. Over the past three years, I have developed relationships with many restaurants, including Proprietors, Club Car, Chanticleer ,Ventuno, Pi Pizza, Galley Beach, to name a few. For years, I have sold to Glidden's Island Seafood, Sayles Seafood, Nantucket Seafoods, Souza' Seafoods, and Nantucket Fresh Catch. Our latest endeavor, Community Supported Fisheries (Ruthie B - CSF), has delighted many individuals with the freshest seafood imaginable and the adventure of trying new species. You can sign up for a CSF share and get "fresh, local fish right off the boat."

Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in North America. Storms, breakdowns, injuries, fluctuating prices, strict regulations all make the job unpredictable and difficult. These same challenges, however, have helped me become resilient and learn how to keep going under duress. I am 69 and my boat is 35, but I would like to continue fishing as long as possible. My passion is to provide more and better fresh seafood to restaurants, fish markets, and CSF members on Nantucket. I hope to help educate the next generation with knowledge and love of the sea, and possibly help train a young person to take over for me."

Read the full story behind the project here: