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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Inshore trawler Valhalla towed in by the trawler Defiant

Valhalla with her trawl net in her prop - known as being 'mopped up'
Trawlers face the dangers of getting their trawl in the propellor every time they haul and shoot. Sometimes a lack of wind and a tide running awkwardly contrive to push the trawl under the hull of the boat without the skipper realising. Infine weather this results in waiting for another boat to come and tow you in - in poor weather such a problem can be far more dangerous - just getting a tow line aboard another boat is hazardous as it involves two vessels in close proximity. Trawlers engaged in pair trawling are far better equipped to deal with this as they come together to swap trawl warps every time they haul and shoot!

Thanks to Ed for the photo.