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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Two Scottish fishermen missing since Tuesday - rescued today!

Two fishermen feared lost at sea off the Aberdeenshire coast survived on a bottle of water and two biscuits.

Jim Reid, 75, and his grandson David Irvine, 35, from Inverbervie, are back on dry land after being found in their creel boat on Thursday morning.

They were discovered about 46 miles off the coast of Montrose by another fishing vessel, the Sylvia Bowers DS8.

The pair, who had been missing since Tuesday, said they were "glad to be found".

The fishermen failed to return to Gourdon harbour on Tuesday when they lost their way in fog about half a mile off shore.

Their 16ft boat, the Water Rail, ran off course when their compass stopped working.

They were unable to call for help as Mr Irvine had forgotten to bring his mobile phone with him, and the pair were forced to survive for two days on just two biscuits and a bottle of water.

'Over the moon' Mr Irvine said he and his grandfather were "pleased to see the Sylvia Bowers" when they were rescued before being taken ashore at Montrose lifeboat station.

And crew member Mark Spence said the pair were "perfectly fine" after they were picked up.

Full story form the BBC